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If you are using SEO power suit for marketing your web site then I warning you be careful Its Stolen your Google, Bing email and password.

Many people are trying to crack this software and using It free but SEO Power suit have strong security you cant use anymore crack version. Many website provide seo power suit in free they all of are fake, they are scripting a malicious code in this software and give access to download free.

When you installed their free software in your computer your computer will be hacked. Your sensitive data can be leaked and you are get in trouble.

When you give your google email and password for research keyword it will be also hacked. Many people are told me about this problem then I am trying myself for this When I am installing this on my computer OMG my computer is hacked. I dont have any control in my computer.

Immediately Uninstall if you already install on your computer. I recommend only use original software. You can get easily find out the original software from the developer.


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